Energy Therapy Training


Energy Therapy Training
Drs. Richard and Mary Broeringmeyer

Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer spent years researching the effects of magnetic fields on living systems, utilizing the work and research of A. Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr. as a basis for his advanced studies.

Dr. Broeringmeyer, along with his wife Dr. Mary, complied the results of their studies and research in a training manual titled "Energy Therapy". The manual tells you about the importance of the body energies being in balance.

Some of the topics covered are : Bio Energy for Health-Disease is predictable; Magnetic or Polar Therapy; Tissue and Bone Polarity; Circulation is the result of Bioelectrical Energy; How Hydrogen Ions controls Health and Disease; Cause of Metabolic Acidosis; Cause of Metabolic Alkalosis; How the cell produces energy; The part Kidneys play in the control of the Hydrogen Ion; Energy via the digestive system; Magnetic two pole effect in diagnosing; Tissue and Organ response to magnetic fields; The effect of Magnets on Organs and Systems; How to bring Organs and Systems back into balance; Nutrition; How to take Vitamin Supplements; Enzymes; Nutritional support factors; How to remedy test for Nutritional needs. All of this and much more.

If you are interested in balancing the body to obtain better health and more energy through Magnetic Therapy, this book is for you.